Money can be a sensitive subject.

In this post we will look into three reasons why money is a sensitive subject, especially when talked about in church.

1. We care about money. 

72% of Americans have reported to having been stressed about their finances in the last month. We don’t stress about things we don’t care about. Truth is that we care about money more than we care to admit. 

Money is not a stranger to us. It may be a bully. It may be a tyrant. It may be our infatuation. Yet, hopefully through this series, we will see money will go from our king to our servant, that we will master money, not be mastered by it. 

2. Money has led to hurt feelings. 

Someone would argue, “Money never hurt my feelings!” 

Well, money issues are the leading cause of divorce. Maybe someone tricked you and ran off with your money, I’m sure that was wounding. Perhaps a business partner or a family member really took advantage of you. Or you were really generous with certain individuals, only to feel betrayed by them.

It can feel awkward when a friend of yours wants to borrow money? It makes you question if your “friend” was really just trying to get some green out of you all along and they saw you as an ATM. When you encounter people prioritizing money over their loved ones, it can also be really hurtful, making us feel quite devalued.

3. Money has been viewed as something nasty. 

Some religious friends may feel that money is not a spiritual topic. They’d rather talk about holiness. Some good old-fashioned hellfire and brimstone! Or the depths of prayer and getting closer to God. They may argue, “Why should we talk about something so disgusting and temporal as money?”

Since the Bible has over 2,300 verses about money and possessions and how to manage them, there is a lot there to ignore.

We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about money because Jesus wasn’t. Jesus talked more about money than faith, prayer, and the afterlife. Most of Jesus’ parables were about money. I wonder why? 

Published by Daniel H. Park

A Pastor in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Leading

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